Bahco Tools - Pruning Series

Bahco pruning tools are available in three ranges: Professional, Expert and Tradition. Range of product : – SECATEUR – SNIPS – LOPPERS – PRUNING SAWS – TOP PRUNERS – BOW […]

Hammers Series

Bahco has over 125 years’ experience of forging, and a solid reputation as a high-quality tool manufacturer. Bahco range of : – Axes – Mauls – Hammers – Cold chisels […]

Prizecut Series

In 1969 Bahco pioneered a new technique for cutting metal, combining the characteristics of spring steel with wear-resistant, high-speed steel. The two materials are welded together in a high vacuum […]

Bahco Tools - Profcut Series

Range of product : – Handsaws – Toolbox saw – Tenon saw – Veneer saw – Compass saw – Dovetail saw – Laminator saw – Precision saw – Pull-saw – […]

Whatever your trade, you will need to measure accurately, simply and comfortably. With short and long tapes, a measuring wheel, metric and imperial versions and numerous levels, the Bahco measuring […]

Whether you are making cabinets or furniture, completing interior work, flooring or metal works, holding or clamping frames or round pieces – you should always start with the right tool […]

High quality tools deserve high quality storage, which is why Bahco has developed a range of durable tool storage suitable for most application areas. They are designed to ensure your […]

Bahco offers a range of pullers and extractors for a wide variety of applications. Made of special steel with a galvanized finish, they allow the quick, easy, non-damaging removal of […]

In 1888 the Swedish inventor and creative craftsman Johan Petter Johansson got his first patent for ‘The Iron Hand’, better known as the pipe wrench. JP Johansson’s idea was to […]

Bahco offers a wide range of tweezers and speciality tools for electronics such as soldering irons, all designed for the most demanding jobs where precision is of the utmost importance. […]